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Attributes System

The Attributes System is part of the Species Creation and Overall Game play Mechanics.

For more info on the Attributes system Visit the Attributes Description page.

Species and Species Creation

Unlike other games where you pick an Species an Start with an Preset Standard of Goals, Attributes, and Victory Conditions/Defeat Conditions. The Species Creation System With Explorer 10000 allows you to make any Species you can think of. But if you just want to jump into the game an get going the Species of the Galaxy Section is the Place for you.

Species of the Galaxy

Species Creation

Planetary Development

Planetary Development is Key if you want to win an Game of Explorer 10,000 Planetary Development

Combat and Bombardment

Rules for Planetary Bombardment

Please Visit this wiki Page for Space Combat

Please Visit this wiki Page for Land and Space Combat

Planetary Invasion and Occupation

You cannot Win an War without Committing your land forces.

Planetary Invasion Rules


Occupation Rules


Artifacts are Powerful Ancient Technologies, Devices, and Structures that can do many things for your empire or even Just certain Characters/Leaders of your empire.

If you are interested in Creating artifacts for your Explorer 10,000 game look no further.

Visit the Artifact Creation section for more Info If you just want to see what artifacts are available Check out Artifacts of the Galaxy.

Governments and Social Castes Development

Just like the Species Creation and the Artifact Creation Sections. The Governments and Social Caste development is an Unique tool for Creating Custom Governments and of Course Social Castes.

Government Creation

Social Caste Creation


Cards are Separated into 5 Groups

  • Disaster Cards Disasters that can Happen to any of the space faring Empires.
  • Artifact/Resource Cards Discoverable Artifacts that Require an Roll of the Dice to find or just Luck.
  • Super Tech Cards Any Super tech card can be used for Civilian, Military, or Terror
  • Tactical Cards Tactics that Win the Day on the field of battle.
  • Ethic Cards Tough Decisions that you have to make will be placed upon the Shoulders of your people.

Card Rules for the Game

Ethics Tree

The Ethics Tree Measures how your Species is matching up to other Species, In terms of Good and Evil in addition to your chosen Ethics.

There are some extremes to the Ethics Tree like Damnation and Righteous

The Ethics Tree is still an Work in Progress

Ethics Tree

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